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Treatment Protocols

      Emergency cases, such as carbon monoxide poisoning or cerebral arterial gas embolism may only require one or two treatments. However, in those cases for which angiogenesis is the primary goal, as many as 20 to 40 treatments may be necessary. The precise number of treatments will often depend upon the clinical response of each patient. Transcutaneous oximetry can provide more exacting dose schedules, thereby improving cost effectiveness.

      With the exception of decompression sickness and cerebral arterial gas embolism, periods of exposure last approximately two hours. Treatments may be given once, twice or occasionally three times daily, and can be provided in both inpatient or outpatient settings.

    For decompression illness, treatment protocols with safe time and depth guidelines are followed.

     Oxygen, when breathed under increased atmospheric pressure, is a potent drug. But besides its beneficial effects, hyperbaric oxygen can produce noticeable toxic effects if administered indiscriminately. Safe time-dose limits have been established for hyperbaric oxygen exposure, and these profiles form the basis for today's treatment protocols. 

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