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April 22, 2001

Dear Dr. Perez and St. Patrick's Medical Staff,

Where do I begin to thank you for extending my life here on Earth! Lucky for me you came to my rescue in the nick of time. Your professional expertise and careful explanation of my nearly fatal condition, offered me a guiding light.  As you know, being halfway around the world form familiar surroundings added to my personal trauma.  Thanks to your personal warmth of care giving, I was able to make the "Life Saving" decision.

Following your timely and skillful surgery, Dr. Perez, Post Op Patient Care was exceptional.  I would call it "Philippine Ultra Care".  St. Patrick's professional staff anticipated my every need and ensured my ultimate comfort.  Please extend my thanks for their kindness. 

Thanks to you, Dr. Aguado, Dr. Hernandez, and Nursing Staff.  I have survived the almost fatal diving accident.

Best of luck to you as you offer scuba divers the life saving hyperbaric chamber and diving medical care.

Sincere thanks to all,

Marilyn Sobwick

April 25, 2001

Testimony from patient at St. Patrick's Hospital, Jesper Haardell from Denmark

I have been here at St. Patrick's Hospital since April 20th, 2001 to be treated for diving sickness.  The treatment consists of being in a chamber four times and medical service / consummation.  Dr. Perez and his staff, Raquel have treated and observed me in a kindly way. 

I'm very delighted by being here among nice people.

Yours sincerely,

Jesper Haardell


May 6, 2001

Dear Dr. Perez,

            We are happy to be able to tell you that our daughter, Marilyn Sobwick, is again safely at home in Dublin, Ohio.

            We live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and as yet have not seen her.  She tells us that she is fine and that it might be better to postpone a visit until she gets settled down again.

            Our sole purpose in writing is to express to you our most sincere appreciation for all that you did to bring her safely through the operation.  She sure was fortunate to have such a qualified person to take care of her and such a wonderful and caring hospital staff to speed her recovery. 

            In each telephone call she told us how comfortable you all made her feel and how confident she was in your ability to take care of her problem.

            Again, many many thanks and may God bless you and the hospital staff for all that you did for our daughter.


Flora and Otto Seidl

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